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Welcome to my blog relating to art ideas that are in-progress and are not yet officially released to the public (unless they have found this web address). It is fine if people discover this blog but I will only give the address to those who do not mind viewing unfinished sketches and partially complete (officially unpromoted) projects.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Loopy Clyde Snifflebee in Disney's Toontown

Well, I decided to try out the free 3 day trial account for Walt Disney's Toontown avatar community. I decided to uninstall it after 1 hour. I must have the attention span of a Toon as I found the environment to be far too narrative-bound and limited with regards to customization but here I am as Loopy Clyde Snifflebee.

Perhaps, if I buy an account, I can use Toontown as an art-performance environment.
Maybe I will try it out later.


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