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Welcome to my blog relating to art ideas that are in-progress and are not yet officially released to the public (unless they have found this web address). It is fine if people discover this blog but I will only give the address to those who do not mind viewing unfinished sketches and partially complete (officially unpromoted) projects.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Welcome to Jer's Secret Files....

Hi there,

Welcome to my Secretfiles. Yes it is true, I move this particular blog posting to the top of the blog everytime as it is my intro posting. So, I move the date of this intro posting always a little bit forward into the future past my most recent rough-drafted project...Keep on scrolling down to find new pix. You might refresh this blog in the near future and still see the same pic of me above as the first image. It is likely that I have added new content in the next posting below this one.

For archives sake, the above is a picture of me taken on September 06, 2006 by Tanya Skuce.

...and below is a picture of myself and my son, Nolan. This photo was taken by Kate Armstrong during the Art Camp conference on September 21, 2006...

If you have gotten this blogspot address then it is very likely that you:

1) Have been in contact with me personally


2) Fluked upon this blog via a targeted google search maybe using keywords like: Media Arts, Vancouver, Distro, Voice of Fire, Roland Quagmire III, Avatar Performance Art or maybe even New Media Arts...yikes!

Regardless of how you found this blog, please check out my works-in-progress which are located just down these stairs here into the virtual vault below...

Scroll on down the stairs (well, scroll down the blog-page anyways) and be amused.

Jeremy O. Turner - Vancouver, B.C. Canada
The WeatherPixie

N3 -1973 - 2007

I was watching a Youtube video clip of King Crimson's classic live performance of "Larks' Tongues in Aspic" (1973), where I noticed that this first video clip had a serious glitch in it. This audio/visual glitch began when KC's percussionist Jamie Muir was about to move towards another portion of his percussion arena.
I thought this was a great abstract readymade worth cropping and framing as a form of found "video art".

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Thursday, December 14, 2006

My mobile phone avatars...

Hey bloggers,

I made for myself two mobile phone avatars from Oddcast's U-Doo site. With regards to avatars, I am an avatar performance artist usually but these vids are pre-recorded.

I would have either of these avatars as my official "ringtone" but my phone does not support this avatar application...sigh!

I made a male and a female avatar:

If you cannot see the above embedded video, click here.

This one is named Yamo. You might recognize the gamebot Yamo from the Bruce Lee video game for the Commodore 64 (ca.1987). Yamo has now moved on into the 21st century and is now an urban sophisticate living in Kitsilano (Vancouver).

If you cannot see the above embedded video, click here.

This one is Zelda whose voice sounds hauntingly familiar ;-)

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Secret bonus video for Irwin ZiiZ ZW

This is a secret promo video for the avatar performance artist, Irwin ZiiZ ZW.
ZW is an alien from some unknown cyberdimension and that is why the speech (if it is not too small to be legible) is very abstract.

Normally, ZW is under contract to perform exclusively at Roland Quagmire III's mansion in the Roomancer/Moove avatar community. However, ZW decided to take a quick rave-vacation in this dorky little avatar world called Virtual Ibiza. All the official performances are on Irwin's blog and posted via Google Video. This one tiny ad exists to confuse those YouTube viewers though...heh heh!

Jeremy O. Turner

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Vorawitz Kwartz Chai

Howdy bloggers,

Ahhh..the day after Halloween :-D

I just made a bot using Potatoland's Buildabot creator.
The name comes from a spam-bot who emailed me today called "Vorawit K. Chai".

My description for this bot is as follows:

"This bott (sic) is for use by various occultic technicians".


Jeremy O. Turner

Thursday, October 12, 2006

ZiiXii Von Wiidiio = Mii

Hey there bloggers,

I made a Mii for the Wii console that Sony has put out...I do not own a Sony so I had to use this emulated flash version to generate one. I think this Mii looks a bit like Karl Bartos in toon form :-) His name is ZiiXii Wiidiio. It is authored by Onto Distro which is my avatar name.

note: I have re-posted my welcome pic to a later date so it appears on the top of this blog...the posting above me here was originally posted on September 8th.

Jeremy O. Turner

Friday, September 08, 2006


Well, here is a lively item from my vault that I would like to see revisited.

My good friend Karen Roff from Upstate New York for the last couple of years has been bot-sitting my conceptual art chatterbot modeled after the pioneering Conceptual Artist, Sol Lewitt...This chatty text-based bot - Wittbott711 has internalized all of Sol LeWitt's classic Sentences on Conceptual Art.

Originally it was shown in 2002 at the Liberarti Biennial festival in Liverpool: (archived profile link)

Since then, Karen Roff has given Wittbott711 a new virtual home at:

I encourage you to chat with Wittbott711 as well Karen's own chatterbots:
Oring Rittoes O., CCC, and Gotottle von Gruttotle.


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Loopy Clyde Snifflebee in Disney's Toontown

Well, I decided to try out the free 3 day trial account for Walt Disney's Toontown avatar community. I decided to uninstall it after 1 hour. I must have the attention span of a Toon as I found the environment to be far too narrative-bound and limited with regards to customization but here I am as Loopy Clyde Snifflebee.

Perhaps, if I buy an account, I can use Toontown as an art-performance environment.
Maybe I will try it out later.

Friday, May 26, 2006

My Little Ponyglitch Theatre...

Ponyglitch Theatre Rehearsal Screenshot #1

Ponyglitch Theatre Rehearsal Screenshot #2

Ponyglitch Theatre Rehearsal Screenshot #3

My Little Ponyglitch Theatre Invite

You are invited to a very special MY LITTLE PONY dance recital! Please click on the link below to watch PonyGlitch Theatre, choreographed by Distro (aka. Jeremy Turner).

(If you are having trouble with the link, please copy and paste the full form into your browser's address bar.)

For full performance effect, be sure to keep on clicking the music icon in the upper right hand corner in order to enhance that glitchy feel to the soundtrack.

When you are done watching the performance, you can create and save your very own dances to share with friends and watch again and again!

You can also take dancing fun offline with TWINKLE TWIRL'S DANCE STUDIO Playset! Learn more by visiting where you can see a demo of the playset in action!

Happy dancing from your friends at

At Hasbro, we respect your right to privacy. To view our Privacy Policy statement, please click here:

© 2004 Hasbro, Inc. All audio, visual, and textual content in this message (including all names, characters, images, trademarks, and logos) are protected by trademarks, rights, copyrights, and other rights owned by Hasbro or by Hasbro's licensors, licensees, suppliers, and accounts. Click here for more details:

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Con Ceptual

I have just purchased the City of Villains online game and have begun to create my own team of "Villains"...their most "villanous" acitivity, however, is to not properly partake in the game's comic-book narrative. Instead, this team will perform "Happenings" and other art-events in this space to totally distract and subvert the game-play of active heroes and evil is that?


Anyways, here is the Mastermind behind the Fluxus League of America (working title)...
His name is Con Ceptual. I have not finished assembling the team but here is a sneak preview below of the other collaborators in cultural crime....

Con Ceptual in action

Here is an early in-game aerial screenshot of Con Ceptual in action - of course, he is doing some sort of "Happening" or "Performance". I have taken screenshots of all the characters I have made so far and will upload them later...

Beethoven The Fifth

Here is Beethoven The Fifth - that is the Fifth clone to be modeled in the image of the Greatest Western Composer that has ever lived. No wonder he is one of the main enforcers of the Fluxus League of America.

Douglas Davis

Here is Douglas Davis, a media arts living legend both online and offline.
It will be up to him to save the world by subverting the whole idea of "heroes versus villains"...through conceptual art performances, he will help Con Ceptual to distract these rogue cartoon characters from wanton violence and destruction.

His main blog site is

Professor M

Here is Professor Maharaj aka. Professor M.
One of the Masterminds behind Documenta as well as the diaspora at large.

Missus Mao

If Missus Mao had her way, The Cultural Revolution would be back in full force. Thank goodness for the unifying forces of Globalization. If this was still the late 1960s should would never have collaborated with such powerful forces of democracy represented in Professor M, Beethoven The Fifth and Douglas Davis.

Alison Crowley

Here is the great Descendent of Alisdair Crowley. Yes, she likes Goth muzak (such as Marilyn Manson). She studied at Cal Tech and Stanford and worked briefly for Lockheed Martin on their jet-propulsion systems (sound familiar?).

just one of the Beuys

Through my usual obsessive Google searches, I found a Cyber Extruder program that can scan a jpeg image of a portrait and automatically convert it into an expressive and animated 3D avatar head.

I used something similar for my "Persistence of Hockey" series (ca. 2001 - pix coming soon) based on the "Face in the Game" option in Electronic Art's Classic game "NHL 2000".

Anyways, I have been thinking about Joseph Beuys alot these past few years.
My friend Douglas Davis has been phoning me saying that his old friend Joseph speaks to him in his dreams long after his death.

Perhaps this is one Golemic method to bring the Teutonic Titan back to life....
any ideas?

more autobiographical than we previously thought...

It did not take me that long to realize that if faces could be scanned into 3D avatars, then any jpeg image could be scanned and come to life in the form of an avatar face. This lead me to think about the personification of abstract art.
So, I uploaded a standard Jackson Pollock abstract-expressionist painting and sure enough, the software was able to locate a face - what creeped me out is that the face it managed to find was none other than Jackson Pollock haunting is that?

Rothko Avatars (Field of Dreams)

...realizing that I had a whole potential series on my hands, I decided to extrude avatar faces from additional abstract paintings from the 20th Century Visual Arts canon.

With these two Mark Rothko colourfield paintings, I noticed that the software had difficulties recognizing a face within the field but even in the thickest of abstract fields, a face can emerge. The eerie part is that the bottom face still looks like Jackson Pollock...that, I cannot explain without resorting to conspiracy theories ;-) My next face-off might be with Ad Reinhardt...

The Greatest Scan Ever Told...

Well, I was inspired by an early photo of the soccer-playing Reptillian conspiracy theorist, David Icke so I thought I would make a tribute cyber-extrusion scan to him as well. He would be great as an avatar - if only I could have him morph into a Reptoid to keep the conspiracy alive ;-)

The Neocons

Hello bloggers,
I was googling some "Create your own" sites and I eventually found "Create your own Transformer"...Yes, I was foaming at the mouth while creating my own Transformers.

It is unfortunate that Hasbro owns the rights to any created Transformer on this site, otherwise I would be turning this into a more public project.

Well, at least I had fun with the colour combinations - there was not much customization potential overall though but I managed to waste about 30 minutes creating this...they are all untitled as I do not want to give Hasbro any free ideas ;-)

I made 3 in are the other two...

Neocon 2

Neocon 3