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Welcome to my blog relating to art ideas that are in-progress and are not yet officially released to the public (unless they have found this web address). It is fine if people discover this blog but I will only give the address to those who do not mind viewing unfinished sketches and partially complete (officially unpromoted) projects.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

ZiiXii Von Wiidiio = Mii

Hey there bloggers,

I made a Mii for the Wii console that Sony has put out...I do not own a Sony so I had to use this emulated flash version to generate one. I think this Mii looks a bit like Karl Bartos in toon form :-) His name is ZiiXii Wiidiio. It is authored by Onto Distro which is my avatar name.

note: I have re-posted my welcome pic to a later date so it appears on the top of this blog...the posting above me here was originally posted on September 8th.

Jeremy O. Turner