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Welcome to my blog relating to art ideas that are in-progress and are not yet officially released to the public (unless they have found this web address). It is fine if people discover this blog but I will only give the address to those who do not mind viewing unfinished sketches and partially complete (officially unpromoted) projects.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Welcome to Jer's Secret Files....

Hi there,

Welcome to my Secretfiles. Yes it is true, I move this particular blog posting to the top of the blog everytime as it is my intro posting. So, I move the date of this intro posting always a little bit forward into the future past my most recent rough-drafted project...Keep on scrolling down to find new pix. You might refresh this blog in the near future and still see the same pic of me above as the first image. It is likely that I have added new content in the next posting below this one.

For archives sake, the above is a picture of me taken on September 06, 2006 by Tanya Skuce.

...and below is a picture of myself and my son, Nolan. This photo was taken by Kate Armstrong during the Art Camp conference on September 21, 2006...

If you have gotten this blogspot address then it is very likely that you:

1) Have been in contact with me personally


2) Fluked upon this blog via a targeted google search maybe using keywords like: Media Arts, Vancouver, Distro, Voice of Fire, Roland Quagmire III, Avatar Performance Art or maybe even New Media Arts...yikes!

Regardless of how you found this blog, please check out my works-in-progress which are located just down these stairs here into the virtual vault below...

Scroll on down the stairs (well, scroll down the blog-page anyways) and be amused.

Jeremy O. Turner - Vancouver, B.C. Canada
The WeatherPixie

N3 -1973 - 2007

I was watching a Youtube video clip of King Crimson's classic live performance of "Larks' Tongues in Aspic" (1973), where I noticed that this first video clip had a serious glitch in it. This audio/visual glitch began when KC's percussionist Jamie Muir was about to move towards another portion of his percussion arena.
I thought this was a great abstract readymade worth cropping and framing as a form of found "video art".

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