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Welcome to my blog relating to art ideas that are in-progress and are not yet officially released to the public (unless they have found this web address). It is fine if people discover this blog but I will only give the address to those who do not mind viewing unfinished sketches and partially complete (officially unpromoted) projects.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Rothko Avatars (Field of Dreams)

...realizing that I had a whole potential series on my hands, I decided to extrude avatar faces from additional abstract paintings from the 20th Century Visual Arts canon.

With these two Mark Rothko colourfield paintings, I noticed that the software had difficulties recognizing a face within the field but even in the thickest of abstract fields, a face can emerge. The eerie part is that the bottom face still looks like Jackson Pollock...that, I cannot explain without resorting to conspiracy theories ;-) My next face-off might be with Ad Reinhardt...


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